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1790s Chemise en Robe Part 1: the Bodice

Today has been rather productive, thankfully! I've completed most of the bodice of my chemise en robe, and rectified some silly mistakes that I made last time I was sewing - namely sewing the shoulder piece to the wrong part of the back bodice panel.

For making the bodice I gathered all the tacking stitches that my grandmother kindly sewed in place for me whilst I was busy on Saturday, did some more running stitches, and sewed the bodice to the lining across the top, bottom and armholes. You can see it complete here:

I love the feel of the delicate muslin against the lining - very soft and luxurious, especially for a dress that is meant to imitate the comforts of underpinnings!

I've done all my seams my machine, and the tacking by hand, as I don't want this project to take me too long (I've got the rest of my Florida wardrobe to sew!) - plus, I'm not that knowledgeable about historical accuracy yet; I need to get a book on making 18th Century clothing specifically, as that is one of my favourite eras. For my next historical garment - either a plain white linen petticoat or a chemise for underpinnings, I may do some of the seams by hand. That depends how much time I have! I'm planning on doing a photoshoot either of myself or of my sister at Tatten Park, a nearby-ish Georgian manor house owned by the National Trust, so I've got plenty of accessories to make to accompany this dress!
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