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1790s Chemise en Robe Part 3: Limited Progress

I've been really fatigued today, so only a bit of my dress was done. I'm disappointed because I meant to sew the bodice to the waistband and skirt so that tomorrow I could finish it off for good with the hemming and fastenings, but I couldn't keep my eyes open today.
So today I made up the skirt with three pieces, including a train, and gathered it - all ten miles of it - and then attached the waistband to the bodice, and finished up one side of the bodice opening at the centre back.

I never want to see another piece of muslin again. It's a frustratingly difficult fabric to work with. Maybe in the future I'll make my chemise en robes out of something else, and in another colour, a bit like the silky one Georgiana wears in The Duchess.
Tags: 1790s chemise en robe, chemise en robe, costumes, georgian, historical
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