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elliemorris's 2015 Sewing Projects

Here are my makes of 2015; hopefully 2016 will be more productive!

A simple white muslin fichu as part of my ongoing Georgian project.

A Classic Lolita A-line skirt made from fabric from Ikea and white polyester taffeta.

A 50s/otome-kei striped dress, called Evangeline's Summer Dress. This was one of my first projects.

A black Georgian petticoat with ruffle.

A rather failing pair of Georgian stays.

A paisley top for my Mother.

A 20s cloche I made myself from leftover black velvet and some cordoroy.

Queen of Heart skirt made from Spoonflower fabric and inspired by Innocent World.

Another Lolita skirt, this time customised with lace and made shorter.

A jumpsuit for my sister (which she never wore).

A 1940s-inspired beach skirt.

A 50s dress for my dolls.

What have you made in 2015?
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